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Dani California

Am                    G
Getting born in the state of Mississippi,
Dm                              Am
Her Poppa was a copper and her Momma was a hippy,
Am           G
In Alabama she will swing a hammer,
Dm                     Am
Price you got to pay when you break the panorama,
Am          G                  Dm                 Am
She never knew that there was anything more than all,
Am               G           Dm               Am
     Well in the war your comfort to take me for,
 Am               G
Black bandanna, sweet Louisiana,
 Dm                        Am
Robbing on a bank in the state of Indiana,
 Am                 G
She's a runner, Rebel and a stunner,
 Dm                       Am
Come to Mirawais saying "Baby watcha gona?",
 Am          G                     Dm       Am
    Looking down the barrell of a hot bell 45,
 Am              G          Dm
   Just another way to survive


     F        C       Dm
California, Rest In Peace,
     F     C     Dm
Simultaneous release,
     F       C         Dm
California, show your teeth,
            F         C          Dm
She's my priestess, I'm your priest,
Yeah, yeah

Verse 2:
          Am      G
She's a lover, Baby and a fighter,
    Dm                         Am
Shoulda seen it coming when I got a little brighter,
Am                      G
    With a name like "Dani California",
 Dm                    Am
Day was gona come when I was gona mourn ya,
Am             G
    A little low,
                Dm              Am
That she was stealing another bread,
I love my baby to death



 Bm             G     F#
Who knew the hardest side of you?
 Bm             G     F#
Who knew the hardest time to prove?
 Bm          G      F#
Too true to say goodbye to you
Too true to say, say, say

Verse 3:

   Am               G
Pushed the fader, Gifted animator,
 Dm                   Am
One for the now, And eleven for the later,
  Am          G
Never made it up to Minnesota,
 Dm                      Am
Off the coated man, Was gona fill the quota,
 Am              G             Dm       Am
Down in the Badlands she was saving the best for last,
It only hurts when I laugh,
Gone to fade

[Chorus X2]
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