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Anarchy In The UK

     C                     F   C                     F
1.  I am an antichrist, I am an anarchist,
                C                                       F
    don't know what I want, but I know how to get it.
     I wanna destroy the passers by,
           G            F            C          - G
    'cos I wanna be anarchy.  No dog's body !

     C                        F          C                F
2. Anarchy for the UK, it's coming some time and maybe,
       C                                               F
    I give a wrong time stop a traffic line.
    Your future dream is a shopping scheme,
               G            F            C             - G
    'cause I wanna be anarchy. It's in the city.

               C                                         F
3. How many ways to get what you want,
    C                                    F
    I use the best I use the rest.
   C                      F C
    I use the enemy, I use anarchy,
               G            F            C                  - G
    'cause I wanna be anarchy. It's the only way to be.

     C                    F      C                   F
4. Is this the MPLA, or is this the UDA,
        C                  F C
    or is this the IRA, I thought it was the UK,
          G      F                 C
    or just another country, another council tenancy.
    G            F                 C    ~      G            F          C
    I wanna be an anarchist,   and l wanna be an anarchist.
           G            F                  C
    And l wanna be an anarchist. I get pissed, destroy!

[Sex Pistols]
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