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The Hell Song

Riff: X3


G                       D#     A#                   F
 Everybody's got their problems  Everybody says the same things to you
G                              D#
 It's just a matter of how you solve them
A#                               F
 And knowing how to change the things you've been through
G             D#            A#              F
 I feel I've come to realize how fast life can be compromised
G              D#                A#          F                      repete riff)
 Step back to see what's going on I can't believe this happened to you

this happened to you
G                                D#
 It's just a problem that we're faced with am I
A#                      F
 not the only one who hates to stand by
G                     D#
 Complications ended first in this line
A#                                F
 with all this pictures running through my mind
G               D#           A#         F
 knowing endless consequences I feel so useless in this
G               D#              A#           F
 Get back step back and as for me I can't believe

Chorus X2
        G            D#                A#              F
Part of me won't agree cause I don't know if it's for sure
       G        D#         A#           F
Suddenly suddenly I don't feel so insecure
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